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Berk, Richard A., Lawrence Brown, Andreas Buja, Kai Zhang, and Linda Zhao. "Valid post-selection inference." Annals of Statistics 41 (2013): 802-837. Abstract
Kable, Joseph W.. "Valuation, intertemporal choice and self-control." In Neuroeconomics, 2nd edition, edited by Paul W. Glimcher and Ernst Fehr, 173-192. Waltham, MA: Elsevier, 2014.
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Hillier, Amy E., Carolyn C. Cannuscio, L. Griffin, Nicole Thomas, and Karen Glanz. "The value of conducting door-to-door surveys." International Journal of Social Research Methodology 17 (2014): 285-302. Abstract
Mukherjee, Dahlia, and Joseph W. Kable. "Value-Based Decision Making in Mental Illness: A Meta-Analysis." Clinical Psychological Science 2 (2014): 767-782. Abstract
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Pauly, Mark V.. "Valuing Health Care Benefits in Money Terms." In Valuing health care: Costs, benefits, and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals and other medical technologies, edited by Frank A. Sloan, 99-124. Cambridge; New York and Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, 1995.
Steinorth, Petra, and Olivia S. Mitchell. Valuing Variable Annuities with Guaranteed Minimum Lifetime Withdrawal Benefits. Working Paper. Philadelphia, PA: Pension Research Council, 2012.
Behrman, Jere R.. Variable Definitions and Data Sources for Panamanian Quarterly Econometric Model. ILPES - Ministerio de Planificacion y Politica Economica Project Working Paper., 1975.