Hans-Peter Kohler


  • LDI Senior Fellows Douglas Wiebe and Mitesh Patel of the Perelman School of Medicine and Hans-Peter Kohler of the School of Arts and Sciences are using pilot grants to test concepts ranging from the support of Philadelphia's effort to launch the first safe injection site to the effect of survival perceptions on HIV patients and the change of physician behavior. Read LDI article here.

  • Global Family Change: Persistent Diversity with Development, authored by Luca Maria Pesando, Andrés Castro, Hans-Peter Kohler, Frank Furstenberg and other international collaborators, was posted today in the PSC Working Paper Series. Read the abstract and paper here.

  • During the past 20 years, Hans-Peter Kohler of the School of Arts and Sciences has investigated how social, epidemiological and demographic factors affect people in Malawi. His is a rare example of a longitudinal study focused on a population in a low-income nation that has had to confront stressors like famine and AIDS. Read the Omnia article here.

Frederick J. Warren Professor of Demography
Professor of Sociology

Ph.D., Economics, University of California, Berkeley, 1997

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